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It was all Greek to Me!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I realized the power of cultural differences when I first came to the U.S as a college student; different people, different cultures, different traditions, different communication, different gestures, and different food. It was all Greek to me. I went through the four phases of cultural shock.

Then, I entered the U.S. workforce as a business professor and corporate trainer. Being a diversity observer and researcher for years, I found out that it was not only I that was misunderstood because of differences.

Based on the Census projections and today’s demographic reality, organizations are now challenged and will continue to be challenged to understand the role of diversity in the workforce. Learning to understand the implications cultural, gender, and generational diversity bring to business communication, will minimize conflict, and assist in making good relationships better.

Travel with my keynote presentations to Greece, China, Mexico, Japan, Russia, the U.S., Australia, and throughout the world and explore strategies to making cultural diversity work. Learn how to create innovative organizations that value inclusion and acceptance. Discover my secrets to understanding and managing gender and generational differences. And please, share these secrets with the world!

Kostas Voutsas

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