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Diversity Keynote | Kostas Voutsas

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Riding the Waves of Diversity, Unconscious Bias, and Change

Looking for simple solutions to manage regional, cultural, and generational differences at work? Confused with your changing organizational culture? 

Whether working with your colleagues or customers, this dynamic diversity and inclusion speaker will have valuable information that will empower you to break the barriers and prevent unnecessary biases, conflict, stereotyping, and misunderstandings.

Travel with Kostas to the U.S., Greece, China, Mexico, Russia, Somalia, Australia, Canada and throughout the world and explore strategies to making cultural diversity work. Discover his secrets to managing regional and generational differences. And please, share these secrets with the world!

Received a Standing Ovation By 1,800 State Employees

"Kostas Voutsas was the keynote motivational speaker at our Oregon Diversity Conference, and also conducted two workshops for us. His keynote entitled: Secrets to Making Diversity Work.......was very well received. He spoke to approximately 900 state employees each day and received a standing ovation. He engages extremely well with his audience! The two workshops Kostas presented were: "From Suits to Tattoos" and "Vampires at Work." These two workshops had full attendance and employees were inspired by these presentations. Kostas also gave employees tools/resources to help them incorporate what they learned back at their home offices. We highly recommend Kostas Voutsas as a keynote and/or workshop presenter as we felt he was an inspiring and effective presenter who was able to connect well with our employees and give them the information/resources they were needing."


Ruth Scofield Conference Weaver

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