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Empowering Keynote Presentations
Leadership Seminars and Webinars
Diversity Keynote Presentations

  • Blind Spots: Riding the Waves of Diversity, Unconscious Bias and Change

  • Vampires @ Work: Handling Difficult People Post the Covid-19 Crisis

  • Shift Happens: Creating a Values-Driven Customer Service Culture

  • Leadership Cookbook: Building Innovative Organizations One Pot at a Time

  • Solving the People Puzzle: Widespread Solutions to Conflict Management

  • From Suits to Tattoos: Bridging the Generational Gap

  • Working in Pajamas: How Leaders Can Create a New Normal

  • Toxic Gossip and Stereotyping: Stay Professional When Things Get Personal

  • Six Feet Challenge: Communication Tools that Get Results

  • Mission Possible: Building High-Performance Teams

  • Ethical Home Runs: Achieving a Real Corporate Culture Win

  • Ignite Passion: Attacking Employee Burnout and Stress

  • Don't Push Me Out of the Door: How to Retain a Diverse Workforce

  • Onboarding Toolkit: Redesigning Your Employee Orientation Program

  • Symptomatic or Asymptomatic? Understanding Harassment, Discrimination, EEO and the Law

  • Get the Right Help: Tips for Hiring the Best People During and After the Pandemic

  • The Cure: Strategic Planning Webinar

  • Giving Harassment the Boot

  • Bully-proof Your Organization for Life

  • A Smarter Approach to Planning and Implementing Change

  • The Leader’s Guide to Performance Reviews

  • Strategic Leadership

Leadership Seminars and Webinars

  • Module 1: Understanding your own role as a team leader/supervisor. COVID Happens: How leaders can create a new normal. Leading change.

  • Module 2: Building greater buy-in, trust, and loyalty. Motivating through effective communication. Embracing diversity and inclusion.

  • Module 3: Solving the people puzzle: Communicating with different personalities. Improving efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Module 4: Vampires @ Work: Handling conflict and the difficult situations that can arise.

  • Module 5: Employee Retention: Managing the performance review process. Understanding harassment and the law.

  • Module 6: Going Lean: Teambuilding and innovative problem-solving.

  • Module 7: Handling resistance to change. Coaching tools that get results. Developing the team leader/trainer.

Empowering Seminars and Webinars for Academics

  • Secrets to Making Classroom Diversity Work

  • Discover your Personality: Learning Styles, Adult Learners, and Classroom Communication

  • No More Boring Lessons: Creativity and Innovation in Today's Classroom

  • Vampires at Work: Dealing with Difficult Students, Parents, and Colleagues

  • Facilitate with Confidence: Strategies for Face to Face, IVIN, Hybrid, Live Online, and Online Instruction

  • I Can't Believe it's Friday: Generational Differences in Today's Classroom

  • Mission Possible: Recruitment and Retention

  • Academic Advising Tools that Get Results